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The use of drones is here to stay. Fast approaching a $100 billion industry, drones are a now technology. Construction, law enforcement, real estate, surveying, property development, agriculture, forestry and emergency management are just a few of the industries inserting drones into their everyday workloads. CrossFlight offers solutions for these industries and more by providing certified pilots, developing drone strategies and creating education, curriculum and training programs that focus on safety and compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. Let CrossFlight Sky Solutions be your drone technology provider.

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Aerial Imaging, Training / Education & Consulting Services


Tower Inspections

Aerial Images and documentation for Towers and Infrastructure


Education and Training

We strive to create and deliver the best Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) training courses with the latest innovative learning tools and curriculum products. We understand that this a fast changing and cutting edge field, this goal would be impossible using traditional educational means, so we have assembled a world class team that continues to build a living curriculum that changes with industry, laws and certifications. We believe our training courses and content will always be the most relevant and up-to-date and will meet all of your training needs in this exciting field.

CrossFlight’s curriculum and support for individuals enrolled in our training courses is available in classroom setting with instructor led courses. We offer 1 to 5 day hands-on training courses in addition to FAR 107 certification preparation with follow-on courses designed to improve your skills and knowledge as a commercial drone pilot. LEARN MORE


CrossFlight's curriculum and support will have your students and teachers ready and confident to conquer the world. We have all you need to take your school and students to the next level with great STEM/STEAM courses. CrossFlight is a one-stop shop for all of your UAS needs. CrossFlight believes that the key to providing relevant and up-to-date curriculum is to equip instructors with ongoing support and training.  We take pride in training our instructors with the support and resources needed and curriculum that is the best on the market. LEARN MORE

Industry Training

We all know how fast this world is changing, but how do we get ready? CrossFlight has you covered with specially designed, industry specific courses to get you the knowledge, skills and certifications needed to take your business to the next level using UAS and learn the associated software applications. LEARN MORE

Technical Colleges

CrossFlight's post-secondary certification courses will help prepare you for a career in the field of UAS, reach your goals as a hobbyist, or add drone-use abilities to your business. We  design courses and provide exceptional instructors to fulfill your specific needs. Our partner technical colleges in the South Eastern US offer CrossFlights’ curriculum and training courses. LEARN MORE


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