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Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department


CrossFlight partnered with Brunswick County Technical College to provide Advanced Tactical Law Enforcement drone training for the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department. Essential topics included Day & Night Flight Operation, Search and Rescue, Traffic Reconstruction & On Scene Footage, Narcotic Surveillance, FEMA Footage Post Natural Disaster, Water Rescue & Delivery, & Photogrammetry Application.

WEtlands StuDIES & SOLUTIONS Drone program

CrossFlight recently worked with Wetlands Studies and Solutions (WSSI) to train their staff on FAA FAR Part 107 as well as establishment of their drone program. The program and curriculum was designed to help Wetlands employees pass their Part 107 as well as assist them with establishing Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Programs, Risk Assessment Logs, Equipment Logs, and FAA Waiver Assistance.  

nucor steel faa far part 107 class


Nucor Steel Corporation, Memphis, TN, contracted with CrossFlight Sky Solutions to provide FAA FAR Part 107 training to Nucor employees from around the country. The 24 hour instructor led program consisted of modules covering airspace, aviation, airport operations, risk management, aeronautical decision making, physiological conditioning and more. Employees were also given hands on manual and autonomous flight training.

CrossFlight was nothing short of their mission statement to become the US and Industry leader in development of high-impact UAS training.  The class was accurate, concise, and effective.  All of the classroom material was well researched, taught, and received.  I felt the class was so effective, after taking just one practice exam; I went and took my actual part 107.  I was nervous but the class left me with no doubt.  Every question asked on the test was covered material.   Thanks CrossFlight for such a wonderful experience!

- Patrick Arnold, Nucor Steel